Waste of Time

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Do you ever get that feeling when you worked so hard for something but then it all goes to waste? I did. When you didn't go to sleep just for a contest, but they didn't recognize your effort? Yeah. It's just unfair. Don't you think? I worked so hard for this meet & greet, soundcheck party & a ticket. I know, there's no assurance of getting something in return. But some of the chosen ones didn't even work that hard. Leaving all those people who stayed up all night receiving nothing.Like, how the hell do they choose winners? UNFAIR UNFAIR UNFAIR.

Start of something new

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Hey everyone! I'm Jillian. This blog will soon contain TONS of "FANGIRL PROBLEMS/HABITS 101" & a lot of Greyson Chance. I hope you guys will appreciate everything. If you would not mind, give me a follow too! If you're saving my personal photos w/c are in this blog, please do credit me. No stealing. Thank you so much, enjoy scrolling & long live fangirls!